Remote work has become the norm around the world following the pandemic. Companies from all over the United States are hiring talent who can deliver on the digital stage, irrespective of where they are located. Geography is no longer a barrier to hire the best people. And the best people may no longer be in your backyard… Especially when it comes to the art and skill of virtual staging. 
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But What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is the art of adding digital furniture and decor to real estate images using digital tools to make it more attractive for potential buyers. Activities can range from removing furniture and adding new pieces, adding new appliances, or even customizing the plants, rugs, and artwork in a room. 

Ordering virtual staging ca be as simple as:

  1. Upload your images
  2. Select your furniture and leave any additional notes
  3. Receive virtually staged images within 24-48 hours

The Global Nature of the Virtual Staging

There are amazing virtual staging companies around the world offering their digital services. Many of the best are in South East Asia, offering great value relative to the real estate industry.

Not only are their services affordable but the countries of South-East Asia are a perennial source of great talent, and their young populations are skilled at working with overseas clients, making it a perfect mix for the dynamic world of online real-estate marketing

Top Virtual Staging Locations

The Philippines

The Philippines

The Philippines  is one of the world’s preferred providers of business process outsourcing (BPO), specifically virtual assistants. The people have a deep affinity for American culture, they speak excellent English due to their colonial history. Their technical education system is world-class, which means that most young Filipnos are very savvy when it comes to their technological skills. 

The population is young, willing to work flexible hours, and eager for freelance and full time work that is perfectly suited to real estate marketing, including virtual staging. However, the Filipino culture can sometimes lead to a “yes sir” or “yes mama” mentality, meaning that you’ll sometimes find it difficult to get constructive feedback from your team members. 

US based companies, like PhotoUp, have built an impressive footprint on the ground in the Philippines, making their software, cost, and quality of products some of the best in the industry. 


India was one of the first countries to really become experts at outsourcing, starting in the 1980s. They have a very large and talented population who are able to offer a wide diversity and depth of skills, specifically in the technology space. Because outsourcing has been around so long in India, the country is full of people who have a lot of experience with BPO, specifically in the IT and customer support realm.  

If there’s a downside to the Indian market, it would be the spoken and written English. That’s not to say that there aren’t excellent English speakers and writers, but some people may find their English slightly more difficult for the American ear to understand.


Malaysia took to the outsourcing of digital services when the country found itself with a young urban population who were advancing technologically with the rest of the world, and needed jobs that kept them engaged and employed. Strong government support and investor-friendly policies have also helped spur the growth of BPO in Malaysia over the past few years. 

Unfortunately, Malaysia continues to deal with a rise in cybersecurity issues, making it less attractive than some of the more advanced outsourcing countries like the Philippines and India. Nevertheless, Malaysia offers good value for money and a wide range of pricing options to suit every budget. 

Virtual Staging Around the World

As virtual staging continues to grow in popularity, more and more service providers are entering the space. Some of the most creative and inspiring virtual staging work is being done right now in South East Asia. Young, tech-savvy digital entrepreneurs have set up well-managed agencies to harness their creativity and cost savings and put it to good use in the red-hot real estate industry.


The most competitive real estate companies in the world are taking advantage of world-class skills at affordable rates. Many of the countries in South East Asia have great value to offer, but the Philippines likely has the best mix of affordability, expertise and cultural similarity to the United States. Make the Philippines your starting point when looking for an outsourcing partner for your virtual staging, virtual assistant, or other technology needs.