Do your interior real estate photos look a bit cold and dull? Make your interior images warm, interesting, and inviting by adding a beautiful fire in that unlit fireplace. To do this, just follow these simple steps in Photoshop:

1. Open an image of an interior space in Photoshop. The interior space should feature an unlit fireplace.

2. Open a folder of containing high-resolution images of flames that you want to put in the fireplace. Choose a preferred fire that you want to put in your fireplace. Drag and drop that image to the Photoshop window.

3. Using the image’s reference or control points, resize the photo so that it fits the fireplace. Drag the resized photo on the fireplace.

4. Now you need to fix the perspective. Press down the CTRL key. While doing so, drag the reference points of the corners of the image towards the corners of the fireplace until you are satisfied with the fire’s position. Press Enter.

5. Change the blending mode to Screen to reduce the opacity.

6. To get rid of the fire image’s sharp edges, click on the Masking icon and choose the Brush tool. Set the hardness to 0% and make sure the foreground is set to black.

7. Brush the cursor on the edges to make the sharp edges disappear. But leave some of the glow around the fire.

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