Lesson Overview

Below I answer the question of how much real estate photographers make annually, monthly, and hourly, complete with monthly income tables and updated data and figures for 2022.

The income figure starts with a fairly broad range and ends with a specific figure based on assumptions we make around the factors discussed in each section below.

If you read each section you should be able to have a much firmer grasp on how much you could make as a real estate photographer in the US market. Or, skip to the section that grabs your interest with the links below.

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In this lesson you get detailed answers for:

In Review

In this lesson, we learned that the major factors that affect how much real estate photographers can make each year are:

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True they are modest (which is a wise way to model). However, not only are they reasonable, turns out they can still produce quite the respectable income:

Seasonal VolumeDaily OrdersMonthly Income

While just a model, it’s helpful to see a real estate photographer can earn $72,800 per year by shooting a very reasonable number of homes each day.

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