Get to know more about single property websites and what you can expect when you start offering this service to your real estate clients.

Single property websites are proving to be excellent marketing and sales tools for the real estate industry. In particular, for high-end luxury properties. Single property websites deal with the core issue of the real estate industry: the challenge of making a property for sale stand out online.

For many people, buying a home is a life-altering decision. A buyer is pouring in a large amount of investment to own a property. The magnitude of that investment requires that there shouldn’t be a margin of error. Meaning, when the person buys a home, he needs to ensure that he has bought the perfect home, given his needs and financial capacity.

You really only have one chance to make a good first impression on a home buyer, so you need to make the most of it. That’s why a fully dedicated website, with an exclusive focus on one property and powerful automated marketing software attached to it, is one of the best ways to sell a property in 2020.

Single property websites exude a feeling of luxury, value, and uniqueness. They exude a feeling of importance and attractiveness to buyers. Single property websites offer a huge opportunity for realtors to use the unique aspects of a listing to make a compelling pitch to property buyers. Contrast that with a larger, generic listing website where all listings look similar. Take Zillow for example, where ads for hundreds of homes actually distract you. The whole system is actually designed to keep you moving to the next offer so that you spend more time on their website.

The emergence of cloud-based web services makes it easier for realtors to create luxury, single property websites. You no longer have to be proficient in web development in order to build your own luxury single property website. You can focus on getting great pictures, doing your research, and telling the story of the home or space that you’re selling.

The easiest way to create your own single property website is to sign up with a real estate marketing provider like PhotoUp. They make it easy for you to create your listing website with just a few simple clicks.

Through years of collaborating with photographers, designers, and developers, we’re excited to enter into the arena of single property websites. Our goal is to allow real estate photographers a one-stop shop for all of their real estate photo editing, virtual staging, property website, delivery, and photography website needs.

The competition to be the best single property website platform is fierce. So we’ve spent years looking at the top real estate property website builders to come up with a list of what makes the best property website companies stand out from the competition.

What Makes the Best Single Property Website?

Here are some of the most popular and practical tools/features that we found among the best property website builders available today.

  • Rela is definitely leading the field when it comes to property websites. They have created an effective way of integrating property websites with Facebook to generate a Facebook advertising campaign which “automatically generates your campaign, builds a targeted audience, and provides engaging ad-copy, saving you hours of work.” At the same time, the dashboard, which underpins your website, includes a Facebook dashboard where you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaign. It’s a very powerful tool but with so many users, it can lead to a rather generic Facebook marketing campaign if you’re not careful.
  • HDPhotoHub has developed a suite of digital tools for real estate photography that is simple and incredibly useful. They offer business and marketing tools to realtors such as photo delivery systems and payment software plugins to social media campaigns, client listing pages, video, flyers and so much more. It’s a large system with a lot to offer, and they can make a real difference in how you interact with your client and how your clients interact with home buyers and sellers.
  • Listings Unlimited is another company doing interesting work in single property space. They offer the same features as their competitors, such as beautiful templates and social sharing. In addition, they focus on sophisticated marketing tools. An example of this would be their video creation engine that pulls the images you’ve uploaded into a video stream. They even offer you genre and music options and then share them on Facebook and YouTube. How cool is that!

Features You Need To Have in a Single Property Website

Templates are an integral part of a single property website builder. The best website builders offer high-quality, agile templates that are easy to use. A great selection with tasteful themes ensures that you are matching the look of the website with the style of the property you’re selling.

Choose a template that allows you to add media quickly and easily. You want to be able to differentiate your property using different media such as photos, video, floorplans and virtual tours that entice visitors and encourage them to set up a showing with the real estate agent.

All of the single property sites realize that your website must be optimized for both desktop and mobile. It’s far more likely that prospects come into contact with your website via their mobile device. That’s because over 50% of worldwide online interactions are taking place on mobile devices, making mobile responsiveness a key feature for any property website.

Tools for analytics such as Google Analytics let you keep track of how well your website is performing and whether you are reaching the right people with your marketing. Make sure you understand what metrics you’re looking for and what goals you’re trying to achieve.

The key to a strong and dynamic website presence is data integration. When you have your website builder, your real estate photo editing team, virtual staging provider and your CRM all under one roof, it makes your business more efficient and responsive to the ever-changing needs in the real estate market.

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